Other Titles by Butch Berardesco

A.K.A. the Vapor

A short story prequel to The Genesis Incident. Madison Marino, a Jersey girl, was born with an inert skill to read deception in people. As a child, she let her father exploit her ability by interpreting his client’s true motives. This experience heightened her awareness and developed into an incredible skill. While her peers were striving for recognition, she practiced the art of anonymity – gaining access to a world that notoriety would deny. She uncovered a plot that put her on the run from crime bosses. Not knowing who could be trusted, Madison was forced to create identities for herself and her family. Her investigative exploits in helping the intelligence community made her well known. However, her allusiveness gained her the name, “The Vapor.”  Follow her life of intrigue as she shuffles through aliases, keeping one step ahead of rouge intelligent operatives who have their sights on the ever-increasing bounty on her head.

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Face to the Floor

Face to the Floor is the detailed account of one man’s journey from bondage to freedom and fulfillment in life. Butch’s two death experiences were not your typical, wonderful glimpse of Heaven; after all, he was a professing atheist who found himself having an encounter with God.

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Face to the Floor