What is the Genesis Incident?

 “The Genesis Incident”, is what the informed homeschooling parents have incorporated into their lesson plans. This easy This easy to read, action-adventure story for the whole family, based on the facts written in the book of Genesis about Creation.  It transforms you to the beginning of time. Giving you a front row seat to the forming of Adam from the dust of the Earth, to the naming of all animals,  then onto the fall of man, to the great flood, and then to the reformation of  the Earth

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Genesis Incident

Why “The Genesis Incident”?

I’ve been fascinated with creation ever since I became a believer and began reading the Bible. As I researched the subject, it became surprisingly clear that all archeological and biological discoveries’s supported the book of Genesis.

As a layman I realized, the only way the writer of Genesis could know that that everything was made after its own kind and that we were made from dirt; is if the Creator commissioned him to write it.

Fossil records prove everything is made after its kind and science has revealed that we are made out of dirt.

One day while asking God questions about creation, I had a vision of Adam being formed. I shared that with my 2 cousins at a family dinner. Both girls are highly educated and raised Catholic, yet they did not believe in Creation, but had very strong opinions of evolution, believing that we evolved from apes. I questioned them as to how the apes evolved; nothing else resembles apes, but us. They were surprised that I had facts to back up my belief, as they did not. They became argumentative, wanting desperately to prove their point with science, fossil records, but had no actual facts.  I was disheartened over their lack of understanding about God, our Creator.

When I returned home, I researched “proven fossils of evolution” online; the findings depicted a few drawings, a picture of an alligator and a claw; but not one transitional link from one species to another. If evolution were true scientifically, there would have been thousands of transitional links; and that’s just to get us out of the ocean!

I then researched “hoaxes of evolution” and found that literally hundreds of hoaxes were being taught in public schools as fact; and yet some were disproved more than 100 years ago.

Evolution is based on futile speculation, as stated in the Bible.

To believe that nothing accidently created everything is a fairy tale for adults. Creation threatens the world view of the non believer, that’s why they cling to Evolution.   I asked God to show me how to reach those like my cousins, who were raised in religion, yet refuse believe in Creation.

So, God inspired me to write a book, “The Genesis Incident”, an easy to read, action-adventure story for the whole family, based on the facts written in the Bible about Creation.  , The book will transport you to the beginning of time, where you will be  in awe at the  forming of Adam from the dust of the Earth, you will feel as if you have a front row seat to all of creation; from naming the animals to the flood, and then to the reformation of  the Earth.

The Genesis Incident was written to reach all those that struggle with science and Creation, young and old. And to inspire young Christians to do the research and write more stories like this one.

About the Author

Butch Berardesco, graduating from Asbury Park High, at the bottom of his class, is the most unlikely writer of our time. Being educated on the streets of the Jersey Shore, having priorities that valued partying above all else, Butch quickly fell into a world of bikers, drinking and drugs. With God’s mercy, he was given a second chance and began a new start in 1990; and so began his journey into a life he never dreamed possible.

He has authored A.K.A. The Vapor, Face to the Floor-an atheist faces God, and The Genesis Incident, which is now a screenplay, soon to be released.

He and his wife, Patty, currently reside in Central Florida, where he continues to write, while operating his construction company, All’s Well Inc. Together they serve faithfully at their local church.

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